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Are you part of our network? Probably! We are a global interdisciplinary network of designers, health and human service providers, students, educators, gardeners, and nature enthusiasts who care about how interaction with nature facilitates health and well-being.

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We respect your privacy. The Therapeutic Landscapes Network will never sell, rent or exchange your information without your permission.

One of our primary goals is to provide a virtual gathering space for the exchange of ideas, questions, and knowledge. We’re looking for the best platform for this – a ning site, a bulletin board, a google group. Until then, you can participate in the following ways:

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Image courtesy Henry Domke Fine Art

"Thank you so much for your respondent letter. The materials and information you offered encourage me a lot and I am not feeling lonely in what I am doing now.”
-Xiaoxiao ‘Ancee’ Cheng, student from China who is now an MLA student at Texas A & M University