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L.M. Scofield Company is the oldest, and one of the most trusted manufacturers in the business of Decorative Concrete Manufacturing. This recognition comes from more than 90 years in the industry, creating high standards for products that form a virtually unlimited menu for coloring and texturing concrete.
Colored concrete has been found to be one of the best surfaces for gardens in the healthcare environment because it is smooth yet slip-resistant, and causes less glare than uncolored concrete.
Above image: Healing Garden at the Jerry and Dolores Turco Medical Rehab Center Combines Eastern and Western Medicine for an Extraordinary Healing Environment: “Our healing garden is designed to be an area where patients can go and experience natural sounds and beauty, which will have a salutary effect on their mental and physical health. The indoor healing garden has a unique and fun design. For example, it will have a special walkway made from inlay stone that will wind in a manner that symbolizes a river.”

The site is such a great resource and I know lots of designers, architects, and others with interest seek it out.
– Amelia Simmons-Hurt, Manager, Certificate Programs, Chicago Botanic Garden