Use Us! Getting the Most from the Therapeutic Landscapes Network

The Therapeutic Landscapes Network has a lot to offer – so much so that people sometimes aren’t aware of all that we have or how to best find it.

Let this blog post be your guide: “Use Us! Getting the Most from the Therapeutic Landscapes Network.”

8 Responses to “Use Us! Getting the Most from the Therapeutic Landscapes Network”

  1. Annapoorani says:

    I’m looking for detailed case studies on healing outdoor environments/landscapes for children with autism, elderly with dementia and cancer patients.
    I would be extremely happy if someone could help me on this as it is very difficult for me to travel to european countries for case studies.

    Thank you,

  2. Annapoorani says:

    Hello everyone,

    This is annapoorani from India. I’m doing my M.L.A dissertation on therapeutic landscapes.

  3. mahmood says:

    i study in public healing garden in esfahan cityfrom iran.
    its my thesis in master degree .
    i have a very good ideas for public healing garden. i sure that my idea will be the one of the principle of healing garden design .
    help me that i how participate in matches.

  4. Naomi Sachs says:

    What a great question, Stephanie. If you are on Linked In, I recommend that you post this question, with the discussion title of “gardens for people with eating disorders” on the TLN Linked In group: You may get some responses there. I don’t know of anything off-hand, though I think there I’ve heard of a few examples of gardens for survivors of abuse. It may be that, since so many people with eating disorders are also abuse survivors, there might be some crossover…just a thought.

  5. Hope says:

    I am looking for potential conferences or peer reviewed journals that I could submit publication for development and analysis of a healing garden in a Native American health care center. Any ideas?

  6. Stephanie Christie says:

    Hello All,

    I am working on a design for an outpatient organization that helps those dealing with eating disorders of all types and severity.
    I am curious to know if there is anyone out there who has done design work, seen results of designs geared toward this population or has any general feedback with regards to this topic.


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