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  1. Mashal says:

    ​Hi Dr. Sachs,

    My name is Mashal and I’m a senior at the University of Pittsburgh, doubling in Neuroscience and English Writing. I’m contacting you both today about an article I’m writing. I’m currently in a Science Writing class, where we choose a topic to write an article about. I chose to cover the unique culture of Bonsai Trees and the role they play in horticulture therapy.

    If you have time, would it be possible to answer a couple questions below? It would help me immensely!

    Please let me know if you are able to help, or if you know someone who could help.

    Thank you for your time,

    Mashal W.
    University of Pittsburgh
    Class of 2016

    How did you become a horticulture therapist?
    What made you use bonsais as a medium?
    How did your patients/clients respond to using bonsais?
    Are there any statistics at the “success” of HT? Specifically with Bonsais?
    Are there any stories that have stuck with you?
    Why would you recommend horticulture therapy in general?
    What’s a common misconception that people have about HT?
    Anything else you would like to say about bonsais or HT in general?

    • Naomi Sachs says:

      Hi Mashal, I’m sorry, I didn’t see this until just now! I am not a hort therapist, but if you’re on Linked In, I encourage you to find AHTA there and post this as a discussion question. Best of luck! Naomi

  2. Helen Janele says:

    I am the editor for the Virginia Society of Landscape Designers’ Newsletter and was sent a link to this article on Soil Microbes. Our group- about 109 independent designer members statewide- would really find this article on healthy soil microbes and mood interesting and would like to ask if you would grant us permission to reprint this in our newsletter, giving, of course, full recognition to the author and to your publication. Please let me know as soon as you can since our next edition is due out at the end of the month. Thank you very much.

    Helen Janele

    • Naomi Sachs says:

      Hi Helen, I’d be more than happy for you to share the post! Do you need anything else from me? Let me know when it’s up, I’d love to see it. Best, Naomi

  3. Hello Naomi;
    I see that you have an area for ‘call for proposals’. I am sorry that I did not get the information to you in time to put it in this area. If you could put the CHTA’s 2015 conference’s call for proposal for our theme, “Human Well-Being: Connecting Plants and Nature”, in Windsor, Ontario September 25 on your web page, I would so appreciate it. A link to where it is being held is in the website page. Thanks!

  4. Sarah says:


    I would like to enroll your certificate program. Do you know when the class will be held next year? Does the price include the accommodation and some meals? Please contact me on my email thus i have some more questions. Thank you,


  5. Carol Calvery says:

    My husband is 100% disabled due to complications from Agent Orange (Vietnam Vet). He recently had a below knee amputation. We lost our home in the Bastrop Wildfires last September. We’ve bought a beautiful new home and working on making the gardens special

    We’re looking for some gardening friends that could help us in the Cedar Creek area

  6. Naomi,
    Thanks so much for posting about our HT and Elders workshop!

  7. David haas says:

    I have a question about your blog. Please email me!

  8. Sarah F.Hutchin says:


    I’m one of the co-chairs for this year’s AHTA exhibit @ The Philadelphia International

    Flower Show . Have photos galore from the first day and also some very exciting news

    to share . Can you send me an email address to send photos and news?

    Can you tell me who you are and where you’re based ? Are you an HTR or Landscape

    architect . Got the feeling you were one or the other or both. Not that it matters , just

    curious. Read your blog , etc. Nicely done . Thanks for putting us out there!



    • Naomi Sachs says:

      I’m sorry, Sarah, you wrote this ages ago and I never responded…because WordPress isn’t telling me when people comment! Grrr. I am a landscape designer with an MLA. You can email me directly at info (at) healinglandscapes (dot) org. Best, Naomi

      • david kendall says:

        I am a retired Landscape Architect with similar interests. I also taught at LSU, Univ. of TN, and NC State Universities as well as having private and government practices.

        I was reawakened to human-nature practices several years ago via a colleague who is a PhD Architect and now a full time practitioner of Feng Shue. My practice of Landscape Architecture is of course a natural pathway to the study of nature connection and I suppose I have been undertaking such for much of my life-at least subliminally. Recently however, I have been discovering far deeper “ways” than seem to be currently offered in design schools and the allied design applications at-large.

        I trace my own growing awareness of this notion to a project I managed while director of Site and Facility Planning at the Nuclear Facilities in Oak Ridge, TN wherein we were using all the most advanced remote reconnaissance technologies available to determine possible sources of contamination of the buffer zone land around the three plant sites proper (about 28,000 acres). I had a matrix of every expert discipline available on the team including Geologists. During the discovery phase we found patterns of electro-magnetic conductivity that appeared as unexplainable anomalies, whereupon field investigation turned out to be lightning strikes. Long story short, it raised my curiosity about electromagnetic resonance and its effects on the human and nature connection/experience.

        Since that experience, my personal and professional pathways have exposed me to other related seemingly esoteric practices and bodies of knowledge such as Biodynamic Agriculture, Shinrin Yoku (aka ‘Forest Bathing’), Earthing, Geomancy (both ancient and present Asian and Northern European), the culture/history/practice of the ‘Master Builders’, as well as other evolving human-nature connection practices and knowledge. Presently I am still low on the learning curve, but have been voraciously researching, reading and attending workshops as well as talking to current practitioners.

        Although the science behind these practices and bodies of knowledge is in its infancy-but growing as the technology and instrumentation for measurement slowly evolves, the cultural historical knowledge is fairly deep esp. from Asia. Unfortunately the European portion was highly disrupted by purges during the late and post-Roman periods. There are also some practices and knowledge still to be found among indigenous peoples-albeit fragile and being lost to acculteration. Currently there are some very interesting people pulling together information and developing practices, and publishing their ‘findings’.

        My interests are several:

        1. Continuing my own research and collecting knowledge from various sources, and connecting and describing the overlapping disciplines to share with others.
        2. Finding others (perhaps as yourself) who have a passionate interest in the topic and are interested in co-pursuing its development and availability.
        3. Helping facilitate connections to facilitate the exchange of information and enrich the practice of the design professions.

        I am also interested in pulling together the many evolving and rediscovered historical methods of nature connection into a body of knowledge that can be offered to students, academics and practitioners in a ‘summer-camp’ type setting. I own/operate a small rustic lodge (Kanati Lodge) in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina where our new mission is to facilitate healthy relationships between humans and the Earth by providing a place of reconnection and learning. We also have a small farm and portion of the surrounding national forest which is available.

        Please let me know your thoughts.


        David t. Kendall MLA (retired)
        Master of Landscape Architecture/LSU 1978
        Bachelor of Science-Agriculture/UTK 1975

        • Naomi Sachs says:

          Thank you for your comment, David! Please find many like-minded people on our Linked In, Twitter, and Facebook pages. If you’re still a member of ASLA, I also encourage you join the Healthcare and Therapeutic Design Professional Practice Network. I’m finishing up my doctoral studies so I’ve been preoccupied lately, sorry for the delay in reply. Best, Naomi

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