(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

I know it’s hard to believe for many people in the U.S., but spring really is coming. One way to hasten its arrival is to cut a few branches from what will be a flowering shrub or tree. When you bring the branches inside and put them in water, you “fool” them into thinking that spring has arrived, and they bloom. Sometimes the sight of those blossoms is enough to give us hope for the not-too-distant future of warmth and rebirth.

Here’s an older post, “Forcing Spring,” on the subject that has links to some good how-to sites.


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2 Responses to “(Almost) Wordless Wednesday”

  1. Amy Murphy says:

    Yes, forcing branches will bring spring indoors. Yours is a lovely photograph, is it cherry blossom?

    • Naomi Sachs says:

      Thank you, Amy! I took that photo a couple of years ago, when I lived in New York. I’m pretty sure it was from our white redbud tree (Cercis canadensis ‘Alba’).